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Tullaroop Trip Report – August 2015

By August 3, 2015Report

I had to go to Bendigo yesterday and thought I’d call in to Tullaroop on the way home. I’d like to tell some fishing story about noticing the fish feeding and stalking it, the reality was I was just walking along the shore and throwing out a cast every 20m or so. Thought I’d gotten snagged for a second, at least until the snag took off. I don’t know the size and weight. I’m thinking it would be around 2.5-3kg? I also don’t know Tullaroop at all but I thought it had spawned and needs to put a bit of weight back on. Apologies for the picture quality; I was conscious of returning it to the water asap and getting in the water with sneakers on resulted in numb feet real quick.

Thanks to the members who put up reports on the club’s Tullaroop trip. After reading them I upped the tippet to 6lb, fly was an olive Woolly Bugger MK2. Line was a 5wt Rio Streamer Tip. It was the only fish I caught and even saw for the day, but I’m not complaining.