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Presidents Letter

By May 23, 2013September 25th, 2014Blog

A New Beginning.

Over a year ago I decided that it would be great to have a fly fishing club in the area that I lived. A few of my friends had expressed an interest in this idea of a local fly fishing club. Some had no experience in fly fishing and just wanted to find out more, while others were seasoned fly fishers. That was all the encouragement I needed to call a gathering of friends.

A few more meetings and many cups of the finest instant coffee had a committee formed, applications posted off and the Calder Fly Fishing Association was born.
Getting things done was really quite easy in comparison to the introduction of trout to Australia. It took years of planning and the dedication of a few with the support of many to bring about its success. The result has been generations of sport fishing in our waterways, something I hope the club can also achieve.

Just like our founding members, our club launch at Riddells Creek attracted both seasoned fly fishers and raw beginners of all ages. Most of them then attended our first club meeting at the Gisborne Community Centre where I hope we all learnt something. This is what we believe the club is about, improving our knowledge in everything related to fly fishing while making new acquaintances and potentially lifelong friends.

With this I welcome you all the Calder Fly Fishing Association and look forward to great fly fishing experiences.

Ben Le Vagueresse